Well met, adventurer!

I’m Dan. I make stuff for games.

I’ve been playing and running tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs) since the days of Ye Olde Red Box Set, and in recent years I’ve been involved with game writing and design.

For  my first published work, I had the honor of being selected as a backer contributer to Kobold Press’ acclaimed Tome of Beasts. The Rift Swine is my creation in that book, inspired by my love of weird fiction and cosmic horror.

I’m also an author on the Dungeon Masters Guild, where you can download my platinum-selling supplement Adversaries & Allies for whatever you’d like to pay for it (including for free if you want).

I’m a DIY terrain enthusiast, inspired by the visionaries of the Tabletop Crafters Guildand their many followers. One of the many things I love about this hobby is that you don’t need to wait for someone else to make something you want; you can build it yourself, whether it’s a monster, a dungeon tile, a world, or a whole new set of rules. Go forth and craft!

My very favorite games podcast is Going Last (and not just because they said nice things about me once).

In the mundane world, I’m an editor and instructional systems designer (meaning I write and design content for training programs). These two disciplines are not unrelated to the way I approach gaming and game design.

And I’m available for freelance work! Feel free to reach out to me via my Contact page if you’re interested.